Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A shout out to the illusion called Illuminati

February 28, 2009 - Saturday

Current mood: amused
Category: Parties and Nightlife

Who Cares??

You are nothing without the attention you yourself created through treachery all in the name of control

You deceive many people but not me

Always knew you were punks from the beginning in my mothers womb

When I came out of home you took me away from her and said she was crazy had schizophrenia

All the while you knew that I would defeat your colorful use of magic and illusions.

These same magic tricks you use to scare people who forgot who they were, are and yet will become once their eyes all the way open.

I Love your ways because they taught me nothing about nothing

Got me closer to the original home and that is the Womb of darkness.

You had the audacity to switch all the Good with the bad.

You yourself are a walking contradiction.

Switched The Day and made it night

Seen black and made it white

Created so much pain not using your head to realize by doing that you hurt yourself

Illuminati you are on time out. I learned so much about you without ever meeting you personally that it is lame. You had me going for awhile but I caught on to your drunken desire's of world control.

Realized you need to be loved and that you are only doing what you think is right

You want people to be afraid of you the joke is, you aint nothing without thought.

You are afraid to be loved I know how that feels I been there.

Its ok to admit when your over your head. You have so many so called secrets its not even cute.

Dont you know everything you try to do has already been done before??

You have been banished from my vocabulary. I luminate eyes not you.

You cant even come up with an original thought on your own or can you?

I still love you.. O just so you know

You did it all by yourself